How to Display Random Header Images

If you got a huge header, you can try to show to different images each time a user loads your site. You can rotate as many images as you want. But here for example we are giving you a example of three images. Hope this helps some.

random header images

One Step Procedure:

Note: Do take backup of your theme before you try this.

01. First rename your images with a underscore like these:

- randomimage_1.gif
- randomimage_2.gif
- randomimage_3.gif

02. Add this below code in your header.php file or the file where the code for your header image is placed:

<img src="http://path_to_images/headerimage_<?php echo(rand(1,3)); ?>.gif"
width="image_width" height="image_height" alt="image_alt_text" />

03. If you want to do with more images, change the number 3. That’s it.

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  • Alphonse

    Thanks for the post. Great to find out tips and tricks especially with php. Keep up the quality stuff.

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  • Nick

    thanks for sharing such nice informative tips. I will use them in mine new peoject .keep it up..

  • bubble mailers

    That’s a really simple snippet of php code! It will be fun to try out on my own side. Now I just have to create multiple header images that I like. Cool!

  • Jon Stolarski

    wow, nice and simple. I like it!

  • Jon Stolarski

    wow, nice and simple. I like it!