Marvelous Portrait Photography by Evan Kafka

Evan Kafka is a New York City photographer who is originally from D.C. beltway area of Maryland, has a very original unique signature. You may like it as much his regular clients do, who hire him from time to time, clients such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Verizon, MetLife, MasterCard, Kiplinger’s, Forbes, Fortune, and many others. Not having a mentor’s style heavily imprinted on his own work is one of the uniqueness of his superb work. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Marvelous Photography by Evan Kafka

Portfolio Link:

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  • Soendoro Soetanto

    Nice shots…

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • anonymous

    jill greenberg called, she wants her style back.

  • Flesticle

    I had a huge BM today thinking about Dick Cheney, the war criminal.

  • Sidra

    The first lady has overinjected lips…the rest of them have fake light things in their eyes…Not a big fan of these pics.